Property in The World Ltd



Who we are


In the broad national and international real estate sector, typically Italian and typically global,

Property in the World Ltd has distinguished itself in the sector since the dawn of its foundation

in 1994. Property in the World Ltd has been focusing on the luxury sector in the Tuscan region

that welcomes real estate wonders set in the preciousness of an extremely rich and varied.

In this splendour, in a fully globalized perspective, Property in the World Ltd has been branching

out for over 26 years towards a further splendour that envelops the entire Italian territorial heritage

with great services created and expanded internationally. The name suggests the identification of

a reality that deals with finding investors at an international level, both individuals and companies,

for prestigious properties on a global level (for example, these are castles, villas overlooking the sea,

wine cellars, prestigious properties, islands) but it also concerns sellers who want to rely on those

who offer and prioritize quality, service, and confidentiality as fundamental rules.



Our Mission


Our service is well established in LondonPanama, SingaporeHong KongSwitzerland,

the United Kingdom, the USA: places of representation of the company and we are open to

the globalization of real estate and investments, which can be hotels, building areas with large

attractiveness, luxury properties.


Property in the World Ltd aims very high on  Culture. Our greatest desire is to accompany

real estate brokerage through architectural structures that can reflect the surrounding cultural

and traditional environment, enhancing it. Let's not forget who we are and where we come

from and try to share all this internationally.



Our Values


The quality and reliability of our company are the key concepts that we have always sought

and that, nowadays, in an era aimed at globalized and digital communication, we promote to

the maximum towards a target of maximum trust in the relationship we establish with

customers and investors. Exactly, for this reason, the work action is entrusted to a team of

experts, whose concern is to provide constant support and assistance to those who turn to

Property in the World Ltd. It is a constantly updated team: never stop the development

and in fact, we are active in numerous international fairs for a continuous and progressive

study of the international market. This is in constant evolution and we draw on to improve

our marketing strategies, which we place at the service of our customers and investors.

Every need is received and met: we follow you carefully in every step, both with the

negotiation of prestigious properties and with the evaluation of the investment of

income properties, such as hotels and building areas with great appeal. We want to help

you discover properties that hide and that in general have their own particular beauty.


Consult our catalogue and take care of your future investment by relying on us.

Property in the World Ltd will be available for any need and information.

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